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it’s your business, get connected: Business Newsletter December 2015

Service Spotlight

Internships Help Employers “Hire for Fit” Andrea Hoffman

Is your business growing or seeking a specialized skill set? Want to find the best fit for your team? You can address those needs by hosting an intern for on-the-job training with no out-of-pocket expenses.

The Workforce Center offers unique opportunities to connect with entry level candidates or experienced professionals. All wages and Workers’ Compensation are covered by the Workforce Center.

“An internship is a planned and structured training experience, not just a temp position to get busy work done,” said Andrea Hoffman, Internship Coordinator of the Workforce Center. “It’s an opportunity for both the employer and the candidate to see if the opportunity is the right fit for both.”

Hoffman said the length, schedule, and activities are planned to benefit both the intern and the business. The internship takes place in a workplace for a limited period of time, typically 3-4 months, as a tool to develop the intern’s work or professional skills, opportunities to network, and exploring a career interest, all while providing support to a business.

To learn more, review our Guide to Hosting an Intern

Business Insights

Hiring Veterans is More than Patriotism – It’s Just Good Business Sense 

Proclaiming the hiring of military veterans as outstanding employment candidates sounds like a great political talking point. After all, in election season, what politician on either side of the aisle would not want to show their support for the military?

Fortunately, the Workforce Center’s “Hire Our Heroes” program demonstrates that hiring veterans is more than just a political talking point – it’s a sensible business strategy.

Workforce Center counselors work with veterans in two ways:

  1. promoting the skills they bring from their military experience, and
  2. strengthening their skills to enhance their prospects as job candidates.

In 2014, the Workforce Center worked with 1,959 veterans or other eligible persons with career guidance, job search activities and referrals to employment.

One veteran wrote “Through the Navy, I was equipped with mechanical engineering skills that prepared me for life after military service., but at the Workforce Center, I brushed up on my writing and interviewing skills, and that made me more employable.”

Regional Veterans Employment Representative Shelly Thompson, a USMC veteran himself, can help you connect with talented military veterans. Reach him at 970-498-6600 or

The Big Picture

Adam Crowe (1)

Strategic Alliance with Larimer SBDC Aids Area Employers

Strategic partnerships are critical success factors for any business organization, private or public. The Workforce Center happens to enjoy an excellent alliance with an outstanding partner in the Larimer Small Business Development Center (SBDC).

In our December Workforce Center Spotlight on KRFC, Larimer SBDC Director Mike O’Connell explained the strength of our alliance and the mission of his organization.

Mike reported that Larimer SBDC’s mission is simple and straightforward: To help small businesses in Larimer County start, grow, and prosper. They do that, he said, through three different methods:

  1. Free one-on-one consulting to both existing businesses and prospective startups.
  2. Classes and workshops designed to improve business operations.
  3. Connections to all kind of resources: legal, bookkeepers, banking resources, and more.

Larimer SBDC’s one-on-one consulting is free to any clients who contact them. Their classes and workshops are low-cost offerings led by area experts.

The SBDC and Workforce Center enjoy a productive work relationship marked by clear understanding of our complementary goals. In the KRFC interview, Mike said “The Workforce Center is really our strategic partner as far as anything related to human resources, the employee/employer interface and managerial training. Conversely, we provide operating, consulting, financial and accounting, and sales and marketing support.”

The SBDC and Workforce Center are committed to making sure employers have the talent they need and that area workers find skilled work at a productive wage. As a key link between our two organizations, seasoned HR professional Stacy Stolen has joined the SBDC consulting team and now provides one-on-one business HR consulting help for SBDC’s business owner clients.

For more information about SBDC’s services, call (970) 498-9295 or visit

Did You Know?

Private businesses in Larimer County are part of an Enterprise Zone and may qualify for incentives related to business investment, company expansion, and/or new business relocation.

Visit the Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade (OEDIT) website for a comprehensive list of business tax credits.