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Service Spotlight -Elevate Your Workforce – Coming September 30

Elevate Your Workforce – Coming September 30  

Save the date – September 30. That’s when northern Colorado’s workforce experts convene at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins for “Elevate Your Workforce,” the Larimer County Workforce Center’s 31st annual Workforce Symposium.

Symposium participants will share and collaborate on innovative strategies in

  • Recruiting and retaining highly-skilled talent.
  • Understanding, leading and managing the evolving multi-generation workforce.
  • Organizational communication that builds strong cultures.
  • Partnerships and strategic alliances that add up to win/win for the regional workforce.

We’re seeking speakers and presenters for the event. If you’ve been inspired by a speaker at a recent event, we hope you’ll nominate that speaker.

And yes – that speaker may be you!

Calling all experts! If you or someone you know would be ideal as a guest speaker or panelist, please respond to or share this Request for Speaking Proposals form.

Mark your calendar now … we’ll see you there!

Business Insights -New Fort Collins Resident Finds New Career Pathway

New Fort Collins Resident Finds New Career Pathway

Tamao, a transplant from Tokyo, was working two part-time jobs and seeking assistance from Project Self-Sufficiency when she heard about the Workforce Center’s ReHire internship program. Supporting a young son, Tamao was looking for a career, not just a stop-gap job.

Her goal was employment that offered benefits to help her provide a life for her son here in the United States.  Tamao and Internship Coordinator Theresa Zabala got to work on that goal.

Determined to improve her employment situation, Tamao asked Zabala for employment counseling, support, and guidance.  Over the past four months, she and Zabala targeted her resumes, wrote cover letters, and perfected the online application process.  Collaborating with Project Self-Sufficiency to address her transportation needs, Tamao worked diligently toward her goal of a career with benefits.

Her perseverance proved successful. Tamao was hired recently by Colorado State University (her first choice of employers!) as a Dining Services Production Assistant Trainee on campus.  She will be making more per month than the two part-time jobs combined along with health and retirement benefits. She’ll also enjoy up to 9 free credits of schooling per year and 50% tuition reduction for her son should he choose to attend C.S.U. when of age.

Project Self-Sufficiency was able to provide a donated car for Tamao so she now has reliable transportation. Tamao is also at the top of the CARE Housing list and will receive the next housing assignment in Fort Collins.

Tamao said she is excited and grateful for the assistance she received from the ReHire Program and Project Self-Sufficiency in “starting my life.”

Strengthening the Workforce -Leading from Strength Improves Productivity

Leading from Strength Improves Productivity  

Many business leaders talk about working and leading from strengths instead of weaknesses, but do they really implement this philosophy?  When they do, says Bert Robinson teachingRobinson of The Corporate Core, they bring out the best in themselves and in others.

Just as important, they avoid awkward and even counter-productive interactions that focus on things people don’t do well. Focusing on strengths helps leaders cast team members in the right roles and assign tasks that tap their strengths.

Robinson invites area business leaders to join in collaborative brainstorming in a July 26 workshop, “Leading from Your Strengths.” In a facilitated discussion of not more than 12 leaders, participants will uncover their personal top core competencies that lead to improved productivity, enhanced communication and employee retention.

“Understanding your strengths will move you from what you can do to what you should do,” says Robinson. “We’ll spend time showing how each participant can effectively leverage their strengths in leadership.”

Every registrant will receive a customized Strengths-Finder profile and report to guide them beyond the workshop.

If you’re interesting in building on your leadership strengths, register for this workshop at our Workshops Page.

The Big Picture -What Good is Labelling in a Multi-Generation Workforce?

Adam Crowe (1)

What Good is Labelling in a Multi-Generation Workforce?  

I have a pet peeve – labelling.

Not the kind of labelling that helps you find what you need at the grocery store. That’s useful labelling.

But labelling people? Not useful.

And I find it especially annoying when labelling is used in the context of confining groups of people by age and other characteristics in the workforce.

The most recent example surfaced in an industry magazine article attributing communication gaps to age. The article showed a timeline of the birth dates of the various generations in today’s evolving workforce. The timeline, of course, identified age groups by their commonly-used labels, such as Boomers and Millennials.

The labels alone are bad enough, but the assumptions made for their descriptions were unfair. The timeline suggested Millennials “are said to be entitled and narcissistic.” This from an author who is not likely a Millennial.

Boomers, said the timeline, were “hippie kids” protesting with rock ‘n’ music blaring in the background. Were they all at Woodstock? I don’t think so.

During a round of self-introductions at a recent multi-generational training workshop, several Millennials said they prefer not to identify as Millennials, or as anything. Which I find interesting, since the article says that view is characteristic of Gen X.

So if we have to use labels, let’s consider meaning and purpose.

As our training workshops often show, business is the universal language of the workforce. Any employee, young or old, wants to know how their contributions are making a difference to the organization.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events – Save the Date!  Workforce Symposium 2016-September 30th!