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Fort Collins Hiring Event

Palace Construction, Landmark Event Staffing, Qualfon and Noosa are hiring at Fort Collins Workforce Center on Thursday, July 27, 2017 from 1-3 PM. See flyer for specifics on positions, pay and job order #. To see each job order go to Copy & paste URL for hiring event flyer at:


7-27-17 FC HE Palace, qualfon, landmark, noosa

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it’s your business, get connected: Business Newsletter June 2017



Has your business experienced that awkward moment when the candidate you hired turns out not to be as highly skilled as the one you thought you had interviewed.

Employers need to know if their job candidates really possess the level of skill they claim. That’s why smart employers appreciate the value of free candidate assessment services provided by the Larimer County Workforce Center.

According to one Fort Collins employer, “The Workforce Center’s free assessments work especially well when we want to expedite our recruitment process. They save us and the candidates valuable time.”

Offered at no charge, the Workforce Center’s free assessments help employers more efficiently screen candidate pools when they post positions. For example, if a posting requires computer skills at an intermediate level or higher, the free assessments validate their candidates’ skills, alleviating uncomfortable conversations at a later date.

More than 1,200 tools are available and cover a broad range of topics, including internet, sales, office, computer and behavioral skills, said the Workforce Center’s Jackie Tuck.  Tuck noted that these evaluations are recognized as the standard test throughout the United States.

To find out more about these assessment services, please contact Jackie at 970-498-6647 or via email at

Advisory Board to Bring Elevate Training to Estes Valley

Advisory Board to Bring Elevate Training to Estes Valley 

Every community likes to think that its attributes and its challenges are unique, but Estes Park is a community that can rightly claim to be … well, at least rare, if not unique.

As one of America’s most popular resort destinations, Estes Park features a wide variety of small businesses that serve the millions of visitors they attract each year. In many cases, business owners are working side-by-side with their employees on the front lines.

In addition, many of the employees are seasonal, ranging from young people who work between semesters to retirees seeking a blend of activity and disposable income.

With its unusual workforce challenges, a group of Estes area business leaders has formed the Estes Valley Training Advisory Board (TAB) to bring meaningful, relevant professional development opportunities to the business community.

All sectors of the business community are represented on the Elevate TAB. Member organizations include:

  • Estes Area Lodging Association
  • Good Samaritan Village
  • Estes Valley Partners for Commerce
  • Kind Coffee
  • Town of Estes Park
  • Riverspointe Spa
  • Snowy Peaks Winery
  • Estes Park Economic Development

As a high priority, the Estes Valley TAB will work with the Workforce Center to develop courses that are relevant to Estes area businesses. Also, Elevate Training will implement new scheduling in which courses will be offered in response to requests from the TAB.

For more information about responsive scheduling through Elevate Leadership and Workforce Development Training, contact Elevate at (970) 498-6658 or

ReHire Program Helps HR Professional Rebound

ReHire Program Helps HR Professional Rebound

At the peak of his career, Don was a skilled HR professional. But he didn’t anticipate a serious injury that would limit his capacity to complete tasks.

When Don entered the ReHire Colorado program, he was eager, yet somewhat anxious due to uncertainty about how to present himself with prospective employers. Working collaboratively with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) and his ReHire internship coordinator, Don searched for an employer that could offer an opportunity filing and interacting with others on a limited basis.

After several unsuccessful interviews, he met Sandie Cogswell, site supervisor at Elderhaus. Sandie, Don, and the ReHire Coordinator worked together to build professional soft skills and alleviate Don’s anxiety. Elderhaus provided a stable, supportive environment for Don to build his confidence and become productive and satisfied with his work experience.

After his ReHire internship, Don was able to secure a paid work experience through DVR at Elderhaus. His ten months of work experience, professional growth, and confidence building earned him an offer of unsubsidized employment with Elderhaus – in a position they created just for him!

Sandie offered that “once he got comfortable with us, Don quit having anxiety issues, and he is relaxed, productive, and feels very much at home with us.”

ReHire offers opportunities for many participants, like Don, who are experiencing challenges in their lives that make employment difficult. In turn, area employers discover interns who join their teams for the long term.

To learn more about how your business can benefit from an internship, contact ReHire at (970) 498-6665.

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Do Employers of Choice Lay People Off? Yes, They Do

Do Employers of Choice Lay People Off?  Yes, They Do

Employers of choice are defined by quite a few attributes.

  • They see recruitment as marketing and PR.
  • They use creative new approaches to sourcing.
  • They screen and interview for “the right fit.”
  • They retain top talent by investing in trust.
  • They lay people off.

Wait … what?!?! Did I really say they lay people off?

Yes, and here’s why. Layoffs or reorganizations are facts of business life. Even premier employers, large and small, are faced with tough business decisions that can mean negative impact on the workforce.

But business realities don’t have to include secrecy and negativity about layoffs. Instead, employers can mitigate damage and even earn respect by handling workforce alignments properly. The more an employer demonstrates care and concern for their departing employees’ well-being, the better their reputation will be.

One way of showing genuine care is to contact the Workforce Center before layoffs are scheduled to happen. The Workforce Center Business Services Team (BST) can work collaboratively with employers to ensure affected employees are connected to vital job search resources that will boost their chances of re-employment quickly.

An organizational realignment doesn’t need to be a source of shame or scorn. Employers should consider the value of a Rapid Response consultation from our BST to help them soften the blow of dramatic organizational change.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Elevate Training Events

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