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Service Spotlight-Does Your Workforce Matter? You Owe it to Yourself to Attend “Be the Employer of Choice”

Does Your Workforce Matter? You Owe it to Yourself to Attend “Be the Employer of Choice”

Who would dispute that our workforce is the most vital element of any organization and for our entire economy? Employment is a whole new ballgame in today’s competitive marketplace, so it makes sense to gain every recruitment and retention edge possible.

Northern Colorado’s foremost workforce experts will share best practices at the annual Workforce Symposium  “Be the Employer of Choice” on September 29 at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins.
Breakout sessions throughout the day will focus on what it takes for your organization to effectively recruit and retain the best employees.

“Be the Employer of Choice” highlights the success stories of businesses like Columbine Health Systems, New Belgium Brewing and much more. Workforce experts will conduct learning session around these themes:

  • Recruitment as marketing … and vice versa;
  • Skills-based recruitment, hiring, and training;
  • Purpose-driven recruitment, engagement and retention; and
  • Leadership development and work-based learning models.

Attendees will learn from model employers of choice in breakout sessions throughout the day.

Register NOW for just $39 for an entire day of learning and networking, including two meals and prize drawings. Group discounts are available in packages of 5 and 10 tickets. Visit our Symposium 2017 site to register. 

Elevate Your Workforce-Fall Workshops to Accent Competency-Based Hiring

Fall Workshops to Accent Competency-Based Hiring

In an economy where automation, artificial intelligence, and other technological developments are transforming jobs at an incredibly rapid pace, we need new pathways to opportunity, and we need them now. Too many Americans have been shut out as traditional categories of employment and ways of getting training have evolved.

In northern Colorado, we must chart a new course, one that provides value for employers and jobseekers throughout the region. That’s why Elevate Training is partnering with Skillful, a national initiative toward competency-based recruitment and retention, on a four-part training series that will help employers find and keep the right talent.

Skillful is creating a labor market that values each individual’s skill set and provides them with opportunity for a meaningful career path. Skillful focuses on empowering the nearly seven out of ten Americans who don’t have a four-year college degree but have great skills needed in today’s job market.

The training series will be offered in four hands-on, participatory sessions:

  1. Job Posting
  2. Candidate Screening and Interviewing
  3. Selection and Onboarding
  4. Retention through Incumbent Training

Attendees at the 2017 Workforce Symposium “Be the Employer of Choice” will get a sneak preview of this series with a work session as one of the featured breakouts.

Elevate Training will share more about this exciting series in the months ahead.

"Employers of Choice" are Raising the Bar

“Employers of Choice” are Raising the Bar

What could a high-tech firm, a major health system and a car wash company possibly have in common? You’ll have a chance to find out September 29 when three of our region’s “employers of choice” share their compelling stories about how they’ve cracked the code in a hotly competitive employment market.

On the 29th, I’ll have the honor of facilitating a discussion among these employers from different walks of life for an audience of roughly 200workforce thought leaders at “Be the Employer of Choice,”our Workforce Symposium at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins.

Our Business Services Team (BST) has discovered in these three employers, among others, are innovative approaches to identifying and selecting people who are the right fit for their cultures. And of course, their results include remarkable retention rates, reduced hiring costs and quicker time to hire.

From Heather Terenzio, CEO of Techtronic Group, we’ve learned how exploring the backstories of candidates is a good up-front investment in the selection process.

From Joyce Saffel, we’ve learned how Columbine Health Systems leverages community partnerships with breakthrough techniques for retaining employees at all levels.

And from Justin Salisbury, Regional Operations Manager of Breeze Thru Car Wash, we’ve learned the importance of prioritizing culture over process.

These are innovators in a tight employment market, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have standard operating procedures. It only means that they’ve raised the standards of standard operating.

I invite you to enjoy their stories and many others when we convene a crucial workforce dialogue at the Workforce Symposium. And don’t treat it as a passive experience. The most enriching aspect of the Symposium will be your active engagement in the discussion.

To strengthen our overall workforce, it’s all about knowledge transfer. We urge you to give and take in a full day of learning and networking.

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