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Fort Collins Hiring Event

Join LCWC Business Services for a hiring event on Thursday, December 14, 2017, from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM for the PotBelly Restaurant. There are many positions available.  Come and fill out an application and pre-screen interview with a hiring manager!  All the details can be found at Connectingcolorado.com and use Job# 7212775.

12-14-17 FC HE Potbelly Sandwhich Shop

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Warehouse Setting-Business-blog

it’s your business, get connected: Business Newsletter December 2017

Service Spotlight-Competency-Based Hiring: A Competitive Edge

Competency-Based Hiring: A Competitive Edge

Are you looking for the best employee or the best resume? If you can’t find the right talent, you might not be looking at the right people.

The Larimer County Workforce Center and Elevate Training are teaming up with Skillful to help employers recognize and maximize the benefits of attracting, hiring and retaining top talent based on competencies rather than credentials alone.

Skillful is a non-profit led by the Markle Foundation in partnership with Microsoft and the State of Colorado to provide free resources to make it easier for you to find, retain, and develop the right employees with the right skills.

Skillful and Elevate have developed an employer training series called Skill Works that helps small- to mid-sized companies modernize their recruitment, hiring and training practices. Skill Works is being piloted in Larimer County. Those employers have told us that Skill Works helps them with:

  • “Rewriting job descriptions to be more skills-based”
  • “Will improve our interview process and our recruitment”
  • “More robust onboarding process to engage and train new hires”

In fact, one of them said “More employers need to get on board” – and here’s why.

Research shows that competency-based hiring is two to five times more effective than other methods for selecting successful employees who stick with you. Companies are enjoying reductions in hiring costs, time-to-hire and staff turnover. That means a big impact on your bottom line.

In a tight job market, employers get a competitive edge by looking at skills that candidates bring to the table, not their credentials alone. Though education and years of experience are important, today’s job candidates build competencies like communication, conflict resolution and problem-solving in other ways. And focusing on competencies helps employers choose from a more diverse talent pool.

You’ll find valuable turnkey tools and templates at Skillful.com/employers.

For more information about Skill Works training for your organization, contact Mike Kohler at (970) 498-6658 or mkohler@larimer.org.


Margaret’s Story: Overcoming “Over-Qualified”

Margaret was frustrated in her job search and for good reason.
Despite having competencies that were head-and-shoulders above other job seekers, she felt her sterling credentials were penalizing her with a label of “over-qualified” with recruitment screeners.

A Ph.D. with a strong scientific background, Margaret felt she may not have convinced interviewers of her sincere interest in positions that didn’t demand her level of education and experience.

Fortunately, her internship through the Workforce Center’s ReHire Program gave Margaret the chance to prove her value to a major local employer. The employer was so impressed with her contributions that they saw no reason to wait until the end of the internship term and offered her a full-time job.

Hers is one of the many ReHire stories that highlight two common occurrences, one good and one not so good. The good: A Workforce Center fully-funded internship allows both employer and candidate to learn more about each other to see if they are a great match.

The not-so-good: Sometimes employers use screening mechanisms that are too efficient and eliminate excellent candidates for wrong reasons. That’s why the Skill Works training program is working with employers to screen for competencies as top priority, not strictly work history or education alone.

If you’d like to know more about internships and other work-based learning opportunities, contact the ReHire Colorado program at (970) 498-6665.

Elevate Your Workforce-Solid Business Results from So-Called “Soft Skills”

Solid Business Results from So-Called “Soft Skills”

The Elevate Leadership and Workforce Development Training program teaches “Cultural ROT.”

ROT? Return on Trust.

Sound too “touchy-feely” for the bottom-line oriented business world? It’s not, especially when you consider that area employers report frustration with the deficiency in workforce soft skills.

Businesses who invest in their people through professional development resources like Elevate Training understand the direct correlation between employee satisfaction and profitability.

Nordstrom demonstrates ROT in their customer relations handbook issued to new employees after onboarding. The handbook starts with“Rule #1: Use best judgment.” Following that rule comes the only other part of the handbook: “There are no other rules.”

That, of course, is a rather extreme example of investing in trust, and it may be difficult for a typical business to extend that much trust. But perhaps a similar example from a large call center offers a practical comparison.

The company’s billing department employees were struggling with “battle fatigue” from citing rigid policy manual parameters to customers with complaints. Credits were high, morale was low – a recipe for disaster. Then management asked the team “What should we do?”

After a ceremonial burning of the old policy manual, billing reps were armed with a single “silver bullet” question to ask customers: “What do you think is fair?”

The results were almost immediate. Credits issued declined, with huge savings to the company. Better yet, employee turnover reduced by 22% within a year, and employee satisfaction scores soared.

That’s a company that doesn’t think soft skills are all that soft!

For more information about responsive scheduling through Elevate Leadership and Workforce Development Training, contact Elevate at (970) 498-6658 or mkohler@larimer.org.

The Big Picture-Work-Based Learning Fills Skills Gap

Work-Based Learning Skills Fills Gap

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

There are disputes about who said it, but there’s no disputing that statistics can be at least confusing, if not deceiving. For example, the definition of “full employment” is subject to interpretation – and argument.

But there are some statistics that are daunting for our region, no matter what spin you put on them, as a Larimer County employment snapshot shows:

*  Over the last five years added 20,000 jobs, but only 11,000 workers

*  Over the next five years will have 28,000 openings to fill and will only add 2,000-3,000 workers per year

*  Almost one-quarter of all workers are 55 or older

*  1.8% unemployment rate

That snapshot magnifies the employment paradoxes in northern Colorado. Area employers are alarmed at their inability to find the people they need for critical roles, yet the population is booming. The unemployment rate is at record lows, yet thousands of under-employed people are seeking new, more fulfilling career pathways.

One solution for both sides of the employment equation to consider is work-based learning (WBL). The Workforce Center can help area employers explore WBL opportunities in three major areas: internships, apprenticeships and on-the-job training (OJT).

In all three of those cases, the Workforce Center is able to assist with full or partial funding of the job candidates experience.
Internships offer the added benefit of allowing employers and job candidates the opportunity to evaluate each other for “the right fit.”

In this unusual economy, these are avenues for all employers and job seekers to explore. The employment experts at the Workforce Center are ready to help – that’s what we’re here for.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Elevate Training Events

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Presented cooperatively by Skillful Colorado and the Larimer County Workforce Center Business Services Team

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December 7     Skill Works:  A Seminar in Competency-Based Employment Practices - Fort Collins

December 12   Skill Works:  Competency-Based
Job Postings and Candidate Screening - Fort Collins

December 15  Skill Works:  Competency-Based Interviewing and Candidate Selection - Fort Collins

December 15 Skill Works:  A Seminar in Competency-Based Employment Practices – Fort Collins _SOLDOUT

December 21  Skill Works:  A Seminar in Competency-Based Employment Practices - Estes Park

December 22  Skill Works Competency-Based Onboarding and Training Workshop - Fort Collins

December 28  Skill Works:  A Master Class in Competency-Based Hiring & Retention

For more information about responsive scheduling through Elevate Leadership and Workforce Development Training, contact Elevate at (970) 498-6658 or mkohler@larimer.org