it’s your business, get connected: Business Newsletter January 2017

Employers Bulletin

Effective January 1, 2017, the State of Colorado Minimum Wage is $9.30 per hour. For more information, see the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment poster site.

Service Spotlight-Connecting Colorado, a Community of Employers and Jobseekers

Connecting Colorado, a Community of Employers and Jobseekersconnecting-colorado-logo 

Wouldn’t it be great if someone hosted an internet site where you could post job descriptions at no charge and attract well-qualified candidates who also accessed the site at no charge?
Good news – that site exists!

It’s called Connecting Colorado, and the “someone” hosting the site is the consortium of Workforce Centers statewide.

Connecting Colorado is a community where both sides of the state’s talent pool gather. Smart recruiters and hiring managers statewide include this resource in their talent arsenal. It’s easy to use and free of charge to employers. Employers may create their own accounts at Connecting Colorado, and they are always welcome to receive assistance from the Business Services Team (BST) at the Larimer County Workforce Center.

The same easy approach applies to job candidates. At the Jobseeker portal, candidates can post their résumés, apply for specific jobs or do a self-directed job search through Colorado’s most extensive jobs database.

For more information about this service, contact the BST web page or by phone at (970) 498-6650.

Business Insights-Bonding Program Protects Employers Who Hire Second-Chance Jobseekers

Bonding Program Protects Employers Who Hire Second-Chance Jobseekers cdle-logo

From time to time, a hiring manager encounters a tricky dilemma in which a candidate may have the right job skills for a position but may have question marks surrounding a life challenge. That pause for concern could range from something as ordinary as a poor credit history to a brush with the justice system.

The Federal Bonding Program (FBP) was designed to bridge the gap between concerned employers and candidates with questionable backgrounds. Available through the Workforce Center at no cost to employers, the fidelity bond is insurance coverage that protects the employer and ensures worker honesty.

Bonding can be provided for any job and any employer offering seasonal, temporary, part-time or full-time employment. There are no age requirements for the job candidate other than the State legal working age.

To learn more or to receive assistance in submitting the FBP application, employers may contact the Business Services Team of the Workforce Center at (970) 498-6650.

Elevate Your Workforce-Family-Owned Trebuchet Propels Organizations to Success

Family-Owned Trebuchet Propels Organizations to Successhutchinsons

“It’s like being on vacation every day.”

That’s how Chris and Diana Hutchinson describe their work together as the Abundance Influencer and Success Enabler at the Trebuchet Group.

The key to their success as a husband/wife ownership team? “Our values are the same, but our approaches are different,” said Chris. “We want to work here. It’s what we choose to do.”

Making other organizations the kinds of places where people want to work is just one of Trebuchet’s business goals. Chris founded Trebuchet after personally observing and feeling, as a corporation employee, the impact that one leader can make in an organization.

That experience motivated him to start his own firm. Others encouraged him to consult, but Chris felt “if I’m going to help CEOs, then I’d better be one.”

The firm name derives from a simple propulsion mechanism that revolutionized warfare in the Middle Age. The trebuchet did more than batter city walls. It results in treaty negotiations and led to the end of feudalism.

That concept – the impact of a simple mechanism – intrigued the Hutchinsons, who share both engineering and military backgrounds. Professionally, they help their clients overcome team challenges and leverage clear and simple methods of strategic planning.

Diana, Chris, and their Trebuchet colleagues share their expertise as frequent guest instructors in the Elevate Leadership and Workforce Development Training program. Visit the Trebuchet site to learn more about them, and visit our Elevate Workshops page to find them in our list of upcoming courses.

In fact, Diane is hosting a January 12 workshop called “Meetings That Work: Holding the Kind that People Actually Want to Attend.” Wouldn’t that be a good start to the new business year?

The Big Picture-With a Labor Shortage Looming Being an Employer of Choice Matters

Adam Crowe (1)

With a Labor Shortage Looming, Being an Employer of Choice Matters

With the rebound of the economy and unemployment at the lowest rates in years, we are entering a time of significant labor shortage. In northern Colorado specifically, the labor shortage is particularly critical for employers and sectors that require middle skills training and experience.

Given these conditions, it’s not surprising that our Business Services Team commonly engages in dialogue with area employers who ask:

• Where do I find the best available talent?
• How do I attract them to my business and keep them on board?

The BST can help employers address those questions through a variety of services. In the months ahead, articles in this newsletter will highlight those services and the most effective ways to leverage them in strengthening your workforce.

Perhaps the most significant new dynamic in a changed employment marketplace is a role reversal between employers and jobseekers. Employers used to enjoy a “seller” position in the market, but they now find themselves competing for skilled candidates who can be more selective than before.

Also, what was previously a “hidden job market” is now offset by an equally strong “hidden talent pool.”

Therefore, it makes good business sense for recruiters and hiring managers to consider new methods and areas in their searches. For example, more employers are discovering the loyalty and reliability of specially-skilled candidates who were formerly labeled as disabled.
Keep an eye on these pages and our various hiring and training events in the months ahead. We can help you manage today’s hiring and training challenges.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Elevate Training Events

January 12
Meetings That Work   Fort Collins 

January 13
Leading from Strengths   Fort Collins

January 17
Skills-Based Hiring   Fort Collins

January 20
Thinking Like a Leader  Fort Collins

January 27
Workplace Conflict   Fort Collins

February 3
Employee Brand Champions Fort Collins

February 10
Hope at the Workplace   Fort Collins

February 15
Succeed with MORE Conflict Fort Collins

February 23
Managing Performance Issues  Estes Park

February 24
Multi-Generational Workforce Fort Collins

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