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Service Spotlight-Workforce Centers Can Help with Workforce Reductions

Workforce Centers Can Help with Workforce Reductions

Organizational changes, including reductions in the workforce, are common business realities, yet employers often struggle with the communication of such changes. All too often, organizational changes are seen as highly negative, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If your business is facing adjustments or even business closings, we can help your business leaders minimize turbulence in the organization.

Your Workforce Center Business Services Team (BST) offers transitional services for both employers and employees called Rapid Response. The BST delivers this service at no cost, which makes it a benefit worth exploring. Once you contact us, we quickly provide information and even on-site visits.

“Many businesses recognize that being proactive about changing situations can result in positive outcomes for all involved,” said Jackie Tuck of the BST. “Using our Rapid Response transitional services establishes to your employees that you are a business that cares about and respects them.”

It is critical for an employee to leave the company with the best possible outlook and to know where to go for assistance. In the case of workforce reductions or business closings, the BST can direct employees to valuable resources and help them manage the stress of change.

For more information, please contact Jackie at (970) 498-6647 or jtuck@larimer.org.

Business Insights-New Colorado Minimum Wage for 2018

New Colorado Minimum Wage for 2018

The Division of Labor Standards and Statistics promulgated rules to reflect the new minimum wage rate in Colorado which took effect on January 1, 2018.  The 2018 minimum wage is $10.20 per hour, and$7.18 for tipped employees ($10.20 – $3.02 which is determined by a formula in the Colorado Constitution). These rates represent increases from the previous levels of $9.30 and $6.28 respectively.

The new minimum wage is the result of the passage of Amendment 70 by Colorado voters in the November 2016 election. Amendment 70 requires the minimum wage to increase by 90 cents each January 1st until the rate reaches $12.00 on January 1, 2020. Starting on January 1, 2021, the minimum wage will adjust annually for cost-of-living increases as measured by the Consumer Price Index for the Denver-Boulder-Greeley metropolitan area.

Information about the new minimum wage is posted on the Division of Labor Standards and Statistics website, www.coloradolaborlaw.gov.  If you have any questions, please call the Division at 303-318-8441and ask to speak to a Compliance Investigator.

Elevate Your Workforce-Special Delivery! Elevate Offers Hiring Workshops “On Demand”

Special Delivery! Elevate Offers Hiring Workshops “On Demand”

Are you competitive in the northern Colorado war for talent? If you’re having trouble finding and keeping the right talent, you might not be looking in the right places and at the right people.

Now Elevate Training is teaming up with the employment experts at Skillful to help employers gain a competitive edge by using a competency-based approach to recruiting, hiring and retaining top talent.

Skillful is a non-profit led by the Markle Foundation in partnership with Microsoft and the State of Colorado to provide free resources to employers to maximize skills-based hiring practices.

Elevate now offers an employer training series called Skill Works that helps small- to mid-sized companies modernize their recruitment, hiring and training practices. Skill Works has been piloted in Larimer County with great success and is now being rolled out throughout Larimer County. So far, employers have told us that Skill Works helps them:

  • Write more attractive and competency-based job descriptions
  • Improve screening and interview processes to ensure the strongest finalists
  • Develop a robust onboarding process to engage and train new hires.

One HR professional said “More employers need to get on board.” And now Elevate Training is making that easier for employers. In addition to offering regularly scheduled Skill Works workshops, Elevate will work with individual employers and groups of employers on convenient dates, times and locations.

Also, Elevate is pleased to offer a variety of group discounts and will schedule on-demand workshops on location for groups of five or more participants (maximum 15). For more information about Skill Works training for your organization, contact Mike Kohler at (970) 498-6658 or mkohler@larimer.org.

Meanwhile, you’ll find valuable turnkey tools and templates at Skillful.com/employers.

The Big Picture-NoCo Community Partners Tackling Middle-Skills Hiring Challenges

NoCo Community Partners Tackling Middle-Skills Hiring Challenges

As I was browsing through the archive of past newsletter articles, I experienced déjà vu as I reviewed one that I published nearly two years ago. Aside from some statistical citations that may have dated it, the Big Picture column could have simply been re-purposed today.

It discussed some reasons why young people tended to overlook middle-skill occupations and encouraged area employers to collaborate with community partners to raise awareness and engagement among young people of career tracks they may not have considered.

The problem continues to be the increasing needs faced by middle-skill occupations. Workers who have gained their skills over decades of work continue to retire in large numbers, heightening the urgency for making young people aware of the opportunities.

Fortunately, the Workforce Center and many of our community partners are making great strides in addressing this issue. Partners like the Manufacturing Sector Partnership, community colleges and area school districts are collaborating on excellent programs to integrate young people into the workforce.

But these initiatives need greater support and new efforts are welcome. We encourage employers who hire middle-skill workers to reach out to local school districts for opportunities like field trips and internships to expose students to the workplace. Every bit of awareness-raising helps.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Elevate Training Events

Learn more at our Business Services Page

Presented cooperatively by Skillful Colorado and the Larimer County Workforce Center Business Services Team

(Click link on each workshop to register)

January 4      Skill Works Seminar                   Fort Collins
January 9      Skill Works Seminar                   Fort Collins
January 18    Inside Edge Employer Forum    Loveland
January 19    Skill Works Seminar                   Estes Park
January 25    Skill Works Seminar                   Fort Collins
January 30    S
kill Works Seminar                   Fort Collins

For more information about responsive scheduling through Elevate Leadership and Workforce Development Training, contact Elevate at (970) 498-6658 or mkohler@larimer.org

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