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Service Spotlight-New Series Gives Employers and Jobseekers the “Inside Edge

New Series Gives Employers and Jobseekers the “Inside Edge”Loveland Public Library

In almost any business endeavor, who doesn’t want to gain an inside edge?

It’s a natural tendency, and it probably applies to most things in our personal lives as well.

In current marketplace conditions, it makes great sense to have insider knowledge about the best employment opportunities and the talent pool needed to fill them. And that’s what the “Inside Edge on Hiring” series is all about.

Inside Edge and a wide array of other hiring-related events are designed to match the mutual interests of employers and well-qualified career explorers.

That’s why Loveland Business Librarian Amanda Armstrong and Workforce Center Business Consultant Jackie Tuck crafted Inside Edge. “Our goal was to design something more than standard speed interviewing,” said Tuck. “We wanted a forum that would allow employers to tell why candidates should want to work for them.”

The first Inside Edge, for example, featured a panel of recruiters and attracted an audience of job seekers exploring new career pathways. The next Inside Edge will be held at the Loveland Library on March 22.

In fact, a surge in hiring is expected in the March-May time period with several job fairs scheduled across Larimer County, from the Estes Park Job Fair, also on March 22, to the WY-CO Workforce Partnership Regional Job Fair on May 10.

A full schedule is listed below in Upcoming Events. For more information about job fairs and hiring events, contact Workforce Center Business Services at (970) 498-6665 or business@larimer.org .

Elevate Your Workforce-Elevate Training Provides “Special Delivery” to Larimer Employers

Elevate Training Provides “Special Delivery” to Larimer EmployersAmerimax

Amerimax Plant Manager David McCarthy deals with logistical issues every day. As the manufacturer of high-quality doors and windows, McCarthy’s Loveland-based company coordinates a web of complex processes that achieve high productivity.

So when it came to coordinating a training program for an Amerimax leadership group, McCarthy needed a solution that maximized efficiency in terms of both time and location. His company was interested in the Elevate Training Program’s offerings, but surrendering a large group of leaders for several mornings of training in Fort Collins wasn’t feasible.

The solution was custom-designed training on-site at Amerimax.

“We believe the professional development of our supervisors is a good investment, but we need it to fit our business model,” said McCarthy. “That’s why working with the Workforce Center made sense for the training we needed.”

Estes Park businesses feel that way, too. With the Big Thompson Canyon closed to through traffic, recent field training at the Estes Valley Library attracted businesses large and small for a focus on managing employee performance issues. The Workforce Center will be following up with additional Estes Park training workshops in until high season gets under way.

Elevate Training Coordinator Mike Kohler notes that workshops will still be offered on a publicly-published basis, but the trend is toward responsive scheduling. “We want Larimer employers to know that our workshops can be scheduled at their convenience,” said Kohler. “Not only that, we’ll work with employers to customize training topics according to their specific needs.”

For more information about Elevate Leadership and Workforce Development Training, contact Elevate at (970) 498-6658 or mkohler@larimer.org .

Business Insights-Workforce Trainees Upskill Quickly to Strengthen the Local Talent Pool

Workforce Trainees Upskill Quickly to Strengthen the Local Talent PoolDigital Workshop Center

In a skills-based recruitment environment, employers posting positions that demand technical skills hope to identify qualified candidates – quickly!

At the same time, the local talent pool includes otherwise well-qualified candidates in need of upskilling to fill those positions. To those candidates, a new career pathway may seem like a long journey.

Christa Menning, Career Transition Counselor with the Workforce Center, has good news for both sides.

“Through local training partnerships, our team is often able to address the upskilling needs of our customers rapidly,” said Menning. “In many cases, we can equip candidates with highly marketable skills within months or even weeks, which is a big benefit to employers who need those talents.”

One such partnership is the alliance between the Workforce Center and the Digital Workshop Center (DWC), a training outlet that arms enrollees with tech skills ranging from graphic design to web development.

DWC founder Stu Crair said many trainees quickly align with employers in a timely manner. “Sometimes people assume that retraining for a career change may be a long, arduous process, but in the digital marketplace, that’s not the case,” said Crair.

Menning urges both employers and people exploring new career pathways to investigate the advantages of the Workforce Center’s various training and retraining programs.

Learn more about these programs by contacting Menning and the Career Transition Team at (970) 498-6694.

Adam Crowe (1)

The Big Picture-To “Hire for Fit,” Maximize the Bookend Interview Questions

To “Hire for Fit,” Maximize the Bookend Interview Questions

With the rebound of the economy and unemployment at the lowest rates in years, we are entering a time of significant labor shortage. In northern Colorado specifically, the labor shortage is particularly critical for employers and sectors that require middle skills training and experience.

Given these conditions, it’s not surprising that our Business Services Team commonly engages in dialogue with area employers who ask:

• Where do I find the best available talent?
• How do I attract them to my business and keep them on board?

The BST can help employers address those questions through a variety of services. In the months ahead, articles in this newsletter will highlight those services and the most effective ways to leverage them in strengthening your workforce.

Perhaps the most significant new dynamic in a changed employment marketplace is a role reversal between employers and jobseekers. Employers used to enjoy a “seller” position in the market, but they now find themselves competing for skilled candidates who can be more selective than before.

Also, what was previously a “hidden job market” is now offset by an equally strong “hidden talent pool.”

Therefore, it makes good business sense for recruiters and hiring managers to consider new methods and areas in their searches. For example, more employers are discovering the loyalty and reliability of specially-skilled candidates who were formerly labeled as disabled.
Keep an eye on these pages and our various hiring and training events in the months ahead. We can help you manage today’s hiring and training challenges.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Elevate Training Events

Learn more at our Business Services Page.

March 10  Building Better Bosses    Fort Collins

March 22  Crisis Communication Planning  Loveland

March 22  Estes Park Job Fair    Estes Park

March 22  Inside Edge on Hiring   Loveland

March 24  Successful Manager Series, Part 1 Fort Collins

March 29  Find and Keep the Best Talent  Fort Collins

March 30  Front Range Comm College Job Fair Fort

April 4   Build Colorado/Construction Panel Fort Collins

April 5    Healthcare in Your Future Job Fair Loveland

April 13  Your Brain at Work    Fort Collins

April 24  NoCoNet Job Fair    Fort Collins

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