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Service Spotlight -Why Wait? Work on Professional Development "Resolutions" Now

Why Wait? Work on Professional Development “Resolutions” Now! elevate_Blue

With the holiday season looming, many businesses already have New Year’s resolutions in mind. Every organization that measures progress by calendar year hopes for a turbo-boost at year-end to propel them into a strong first quarter.

On the expense side, some businesses already have a handle on year-end results and take advantage of investing now, providing a cushion for first quarter.

Those are two nuts-and-bolts reasons for investing in professional development now, but they aren’t the best reasons. The real turbo-boost comes from highly-motivated, well-trained leaders who coach their teams to higher levels of productivity.

And that’s why the Workforce Center’s Elevate Training program has a full slate of activity through November and December. Topics range from communication to team management, and you’re bound to find workshops that match your needs at our Elevate Workshops Page.

It’s time to get ahead of your competitors and conquer your business resolutions in time for a strong start to 2017.

Business Insights -Technology Intern Pays Debt to Society... and Then Some

Technology Intern Pays Debt to Society … and Then Somerehire-colorado-logo

When someone has paid their debt to society, shouldn’t that be enough to earn a second chance at maximizing their potential?

Anthony was referred to the Workforce Center by our partners at Community Corrections. Believing that Anthony would benefit from an internship to build job experience, they encouraged him to apply for the ReHire Colorado program. Working with Internship Coordinator Theresa Zabala, Anthony had a reason for choosing a role with Catholic Charities: “I want to give something back.

He began working at Catholic Charities in the kitchen, but not for long. The organization soon discovered that Anthony had an untapped talent for all things technology. He began spending part of his internship in the office working with computers. Anthony’s self-confidence grew, and he applied to the IT Program at Front Range Community College (FRCC). He was accepted!

Anthony began his training classes at FRCC in August. He reports that school is challenging. He said he is working hard, yet feels more accomplished and able to handle anything life throws at him.

Anthony’s plans are to attain his IT Tech Certification and become employed full-time doing what he loves while earning a wage that will support his children.

Strengthening the Workforce -Manager Training “Hits the Road”

Manager Training “Hits the Road”

Each month, the Workforce Center offers leadership and management training opportunities to employers throughout Larimer County. The Elevate Training program publishes a schedule at its Elevate Workshops page and invites area managers and supervisors to enroll.

And now Elevate is taking its shows on the road!

Employers may arrange for tailored workshops scheduled at their convenience and even at their business locations, addressing their needs in three areas:

  • Communication and Employee Engagement: Teaching and brainstorming best practices in productivity and team motivation. How to maximize employee satisfaction and productively lead today’s dynamic multi-generational workforce.
  • Workforce Management: A focus on the basic HR “blocking and tackling.” Conducting meaningful performance reviews, navigating workplace conflict and refining effective recruitment strategies.
  • Leadership Development: Personal professional growth opportunities for Larimer County’s leaders and leaders-to-be.

For a catalog of training workshops and to schedule a free consultation on your organization’s needs, please contact Mike Kohler, Elevate Training Coordinator, at (970) 498-6658 or mkohler@larimer.org.

The Big Picture -An Open Mind Helps Job Seekers and Employers

Adam Crowe (1)

An Open Mind Helps Job Seekers and Employers

In one of the Workforce Center’s most popular training workshops, our career counselors advise job candidates to think more broadly about what they bring to the table in their career pursuit. The coaches urge their clients to look beyond the titles they once held or the industry they most recently served.

Instead, a typical candidate is urged to self-examine their strengths, including their basic aptitudes, core competencies and, perhaps most important, their passions. Candidates often are surprised to discover what else they are “cut out for,” as opposed to the role that they may have allowed to define them.

As a result, candidates in our internship program, for example, may wind up in a new role that hadn’t been on their radar before. One recent client discovered that his strength in interpersonal communication and presenting proved to be vital traits for a training position, though his career history didn’t show any experience in that area.

That type of open-mindedness can prove valuable on the employer side of the coin. As our partnership with Skillful shows, looking at the “back story” of a candidate’s skills and interests can yield greater rewards than the standard credentials and career timeline of traditional resumes.

While the unemployment rate in northern Colorado is low, it doesn’t mean the talent pool has reduced, especially in terms of quality. Well-qualified candidates may be employed in positions that aren’t optimizing their talents. Plus, certain populations are overlooked, such as people with disabilities.

The Skillful initiative encourages employers to consider innate talents and finely-honed skills in filling positions. I encourage you to visit the Skillful website and examine their approach to skills-based recruitment and hiring.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events!

  • November 8       Crisis Communications— Fort Collins
  • November 17    Strengths-Based Leadership—Fort Collins
  • November 21    Employees as Brand Champions—Loveland
  • November 30    Elevate Talent through Coaching—Fort Collins
  • December 8       Platinum Rules of Communication—Fort Collins
  • December 13     Neuroscience of Conversation—Fort Collins

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