2002 Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program


Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA Program) - Federally funded program available for those who have been laid off from a company that is shifting production of a product to a different country and have a filed a petition for TAA certification with the State or Federal government.

Trade Readjustment Allowance (TRA) - Federally funded unemployment benefits that are a part of the TAA program.

16/8 Week Timeframe: This is a very important timeframe for access to benefits.
The 16/8 means:

  • Sixteen (16) weeks from the last physical day worked at the company OR
  • Eight (8) weeks from the date the company’s TAA petition was certified

Larimer County Workforce Center (LCWC) - The LCWC is the organization in Larimer County who is responsible for coordinating TAA services between the customer and the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE).  Although LCWC assists with the TAA request, all TAA requests are reviewed and approved by CDLE.

Career Transition Program - All TAA services are administered through the Career Transition Program.  In addition to TAA services, the Career Transition Program also delivers services funded by the Workforce Investment Act (WIA).  Some TAA customers will be eligible to receive services from both the WIA and TAA programs.  The Career Transition Program may be able to provide customers with enhanced services that are not available in the TAA program.

Unemployment Insurance Benefits (UI) - Employer funded unemployment insurance benefits.

TAA Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What are the first steps I should take when I am notified that I am part of a TAA petition?


  • To access Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) services, please apply for your TAA Entitlement letter online at:  https://applytaa.cdle.org
  • Submit a Career Transition program application.  This application is available at both the Fort Collins and Loveland Workforce Center locations.  Applications may also be completed and submitted online.  Complete the TAA online application
  • The TAA program also requires that individuals register for work with the local Workforce Center. Registration can be completed online at Connecting Colorado.  Please Note:  This registration process is different than registering for unemployment benefits.

2.   What happens once I have completed the application for services and registered with the LCWC?


After Larimer County Workforce Center receives a completed Career Transition Program application, the individual will be contacted and scheduled for an orientation.  This orientation will provide the worker with general information regarding the TAA and Career Transition Programs.  At this time, individuals in attendance will be provided with the name and contact information of their respective counselor.  Please note:  You will need to have the above referenced TAA Entitlement Letter before you are scheduled for a TAA orientation.

3.   When can I apply for TAA Program services?  Career Transition Program services?


Individuals may access TAA services as soon as they have worked their last physical day with a trade-affected employer OR if an individual is still employed with the trade-affected company, but has a layoff letter stating the date of their last day with the employer, LCWC can serve the worker under the Career Transition Program prior to the individual’s TAA enrollment. If you are still employed and know what your last date of work will be, please apply for your partial entitlement letter at:  Colorado Trade Adjustment Assistance Sign In 

4.   Why do I need to apply for the Career Transition program to access TAA program services?


All TAA services in Larimer County are delivered through the Career Transition Program.

5.   Why do I have to complete a job search if I am interested in training?


The TAA program is an employment-focused program.  Therefore, if an individual’s skills indicate that they are marketable within the federally established commuting range (50 miles), job searching will be required prior to requesting training assistance.

6.   What kind of training is available to me under the TAA program?


The TAA program may approve certifications, licenses, associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees and master’s certificates.  TAA requires that training take place at a public school, i.e., community college, state university, etc.  The TAA program will consider private school options ONLY if the training is not reasonably available at a public institution and/or costs less than the public institution.  The types of training available to an individual will vary depending upon current labor market needs, and the skills, experience, and interests of the worker.

7.   How long does it take for me to get into training?


Accessing training depends upon the timing associated with training start dates and the motivation on behalf of the TAA customer.  The TAA program requires that those individuals interested in training complete a comprehensive 6-step training plan.  This training plan is submitted to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) via your TAA counselor.  Training plans are approved based upon the cost, location, and length of the program, along with the likelihood that the skills acquired through the training will make the individual employable.

8.   How do my unemployment benefits impact my ability to go back to school?


If the TAA program has approved the individual’s training plan, CDLE will waive the required weekly job search contacts while the individual is attending school.

9.   What is the difference between Unemployment Insurance (UI) and Trade Readjustment Allowance (TRA)?


UI is paid by the worker’s employer and will normally exhaust after 26 weeks.  TRA is an additional, federally funded, unemployment insurance benefit that may be available to those who receive TAA benefits.  UI MUST be exhausted before the individual can be eligible to receive TRA.  To qualify for TRA, the worker must have met with a TAA counselor and have applied for TRA before their respective 26 week deadline.

10.  How does the Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) work?


Individuals may apply for this benefit within the 16/8  week period after their layoff and can access a tax credit of 65% toward qualifying health coverage plans.  The individual must be TAA eligible and receiving UI or TRA to access this benefit.

11.  What deadlines apply to me?


The TAA program has very specific deadlines for each service offered:

  • Job Search Allowance - Travel assistance with long distance interviewing is available for up to 365 days after the worker’s separation from the company. 
  • Relocation Allowance - Assistance with relocation costs is available for up to 425 days from the worker’s separation from the company.
  • Trade Readjustment Allowance (TRA) - Federal unemployment benefits are available to trade-affected individuals who have met with a TAA counselor and have applied for TRA benefits before 16 weeks from last physical day worked at the company or 8 weeks from the date the petition was certified (whichever is later).
  • Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) - A health insurance tax credit may be available if the worker is receiving unemployment benefits and has met the above mentioned 8/16 week TRA deadline.
  • Re-employment Adjustment Assistance (RTAA) - This is available to individuals who are at least 50 years of age or older and have accepted full time employment within six (6) months after their separation from the company.

12. What is the difference between the TAA Notification Letter and the TAA Entitlement Letter?


The TAA Notification Letter certifies your employer’s eligibility for the TAA program; it does NOT certify the worker’s eligibility.  The TAA Notification Letter instructs the workers to contact their local TAA coordinator.  A TAA Entitlement Letter needs to be applied for by the individual online and the letter will then be generated by CDLE.  The Entitlement Letter is an important document and should be kept in a safe place.  A copy should be brought to the TAA orientation and provided to the worker’s TAA counselor.

13.  What documentation do I need?


The Larimer County Workforce Center requires that all TAA customers register with the Workforce Center in addition to completing a Career Transition Program application.  LCWC registration may be completed online at Connecting Colorado and a Career Transition program application may be obtained at either of our office locations or online at www.larimerworkforce.org/WIA  A state issued ID card, social security card, layoff letter, TAA Notification Letter and TAA Entitlement Letter are all required for TAA customers.  Additional documentation may be required and each TAA customer will be individually advised as to what the documentation will be.

14.  Who can I contact for additional questions on the TAA program?


If you have not been assigned to work with a TAA counselor, you may contact Marilyn George at (970)498-6616 or mgeorge@larimer.org